Top 10 happiest countries on earth

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Moreover, not an individual, but entire nations. And it turned out not to be money at all: after all, in the end, people do not want to be rich but want to live happily ever after. The international happiness index is calculated from the citizens’ contentment, life expectancy, lack of social stratification and how much natural resources the country spends on it. In this article, we will tell which states this year are recognized as the happiest, and which were at the end of the list.

What does a happy NEF planet look like? All countries use their resources for the benefit of the residents, who, in turn, are satisfied with their lives, are going to live long and in harmony with nature. There are no such countries on earth. Unfortunately, no state can achieve the welfare and contentment of the population without compromising the environment.

Most often, relatively high (within 7 from zero to ten), people in developed countries estimate their satisfaction with life in which the “ecological footprint” usually goes off scale: for example, if all states use their resources in the same way as they do to achieve happiness is relatively “green” Norway (12th place in the list), then we would need three planets to feed.

Year after year, in the calculation of the International Index of Happiness in the top ten, Latin American countries turn out to be: residents are subjectively satisfied with their life, while they pollute the environment a little and do not siphon out all the juice from nature. So this year, for the third time in ten years,

Costa Rica has been recognized as the happiest with its numerous natural parks, high life expectancy and citizens contented with their lives.

What is the reason for such constant satisfaction of the inhabitants of Central and South America? Surprisingly, perhaps with their famous carnivals. Involvement in public life, according to NEF researchers, makes people happier. For example, in 2016, the tiny island state of Vanuatu, whose inhabitants are not rich, but satisfied with their modest serene existence, ranked fourth in the list of the happiest countries on earth. Of course, the paradise nature plays an important role, but in addition, according to the research, strong social ties influence the feeling of happiness: here the community regulates everything – from conflicts to weddings.

Clean air and the beauty of nature have a huge impact on people’s happiness. That is why the top ten were countries such as Vietnam (5th place) and Bangladesh (8th place). In Bangladesh, the average life expectancy is quite high – 70 years, which is 20 years longer than in Zimbabwe, equal to Bangladesh in terms of income level; slightly below average here (4.7 out of 10) is life satisfaction and a high degree of social stratification. At the same time, the “ecological footprint” of the country, where for many Hindu residents, vegetarianism is considered the highest virtue, is so small that it allowed it to reach the top ten.

According to the calculation of the happiness index, Russia is on the 116th place (140 in total. The average level of contentment of life (5.6 out of 10), the average life expectancy (69.5 years) and the average stratification of society could not outweigh the very high level of consumption of natural resources In the US, the “environmental footprint” is even worse, but there is a higher level of contentment (7 out of 10) and on average a longer life (78.8 years), which allowed America to also take a far from leadership place.

The most unfortunate country in the world in 2016 was the African Chad (140th place), which is not surprising – the last places on the lucky list always went to the black continent. But the fact that Luxembourg became the underdog (139th place) makes you wonder. Although on closer examination, everything becomes clear: the largest number of cars per capita, the highest electricity consumption and other immoderation in the almost complete absence of nature reserves led to the fact that if all countries behaved like a small rich Luxembourg, then to ensure their lives 9 planets.

Top 10 lucky countries:

  1. Costa Rica
  2. Mexico
  3. Colombia
  4. Vanuatu
  5. Vietnam
  6. Panama
  7. Nicaragua
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Thailand
  10. Ecuador