10 monuments that bring good luck

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1. The grave of Victor Noir, France. At the Paris cemetery of Pere La chaise lies Victor Noir, a French journalist who was killed in a duel at the end […]

Top 10 happiest countries on earth

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Moreover, not an individual, but entire nations. And it turned out not to be money at all: after all, in the end, people do not want to be rich but […]

When the stands are empty: 8 abandoned Olympic facilities

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Hundreds of thousands of guests flock to the city, where they pass. Hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in preparation. Sixteen days of glory end, the guests leave, the […]

Caribbean: 9 small beautiful islands

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About places like Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Bahamas and Jamaica have heard everything and more than once. Therefore, we decided to talk about the less well-known, but no less […]