8 reasons why travel brings more benefits than dates

03/06/2019 0 Comment

Your friends will begin to look for you a new passion and tell you that meeting someone is much more interesting and fun than being a loner. They are right, but sometimes a person needs to do without relationships in order to get new life experiences. For example, going on a long trip. In the article, we will talk about the advantages of traveling before dating.

1. You control your life

On a journey, you are free to independently plan a route and control the time you spend in a particular place. Your independence allows you to make decisions based only on what you want. When you meet someone, changes in life begin to occur regardless of your desires. Having lost control, you yourself can become the one you control: where to go and how much to stay there is already decided for you. Traveling gives you freedom, and dating takes it.

2. Travel improves emotional health.

Trips always broaden horizons and enrich with pleasant impressions, which directly affects emotional health and a sense of life satisfaction. Traveling helps to gain a positive attitude and draw joyful perspectives in your mind. Love relationships require huge emotional attachments, even if you build them with who you need. Not to mention the “toxic” relationship with an unsuitable person: often people leave them emotionally devastated by pessimists. Another plus in favor of travel.

3. You are free to move and make decisions.

Relationships are always limited. When making decisions, you should always remember that there is another person next to you whose interests should be taken into account. And how often they do not coincide with yours! Compromises are inevitable in any relationship, except for those that you alone are building with this great beautiful world. You are free to wander through it, not making excuses for your decisions, not listening to advice and complaints, but simply enjoying life.

4. There is an opportunity to get to know yourself

Sometimes people dissolve in a relationship. You can be influenced by another person and, especially in the early stages, begin to take his thoughts and desires for your own. Traveling is the opposite – when no one is around, you have time and energy to understand yourself. Faced with various unexpected situations, you will learn a lot about your reactions and feelings, learn to look at yourself objectively, and maybe reconsider your values ​​and life principles. Dating helps us to recognize another person, and travel gives us a unique chance to get to know ourselves.

5. You will understand that being alone does not mean being alone

“Active search” can sometimes mean that you depend too much on the people around you and find it difficult to be alone with yourself, so you prefer to adapt to another than to be alone for some time. At the same time, you have probably heard that there is “loneliness together,” when people can be together, live in one room and still be completely alien to each other, causing great pain.

On a journey, you can be a loner, but not completely alone. It can revive faith in humanity: getting rid of obsession with a certain person, you will see that there are many good people around who are ready to help, encourage and make you a great company. Relationships can cut us off from the world and make us lonely, while travel helps to find friends.

6. You will learn how to solve problems yourself

Traveling can be a good school of life: you often have to make difficult decisions instantly and unravel serious tangles of problems without any help. It is difficult, but it is the best way to believe in yourself and find out what you are capable of. When you meet someone, you often ask your loved one to share your difficulties with you, and if you can, you place them on his shoulders. Dating gives us confidence (or vice versa) in the other, and travel – in ourselves.

7. You will see that life is full of opportunities.

Traveling helps to see how much interesting things happen in the world and what opportunities life gives us. Why not take the chance to find out about them? Dating brings joy, but they limit to exploring the world. Traveling provides knowledge that cannot be obtained by sitting at home and living an ordinary life with one person. Especially when you are young. Much more interesting to start a relationship after traveling around the world.

8. You can carefree rejoice at every moment.

Traveling is a sheer adventure, where there is no place for worries about everyday life, disturbing thoughts about the past and the future. This is an opportunity to live every moment. Dates and relationships will quickly lead you into a swamp of bills, credits, and concerns about tomorrow, which are doubled by the presence of another person. Traveling makes life easier, and dating makes it harder.

You can be happy regardless of age and life circumstances. Quickly pack and go on a long journey – it is a great joy that is difficult to replace something. And remember: you can find a truly close person anywhere on earth and at any time during your life. Do not limit yourself!