10 monuments that bring good luck

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1. The grave of Victor Noir, France.

At the Paris cemetery of Pere La chaise lies Victor Noir, a French journalist who was killed in a duel at the end of the 19th century. A life-size bronze sculpture depicts a journalist at the time of death. It is still unknown what the sculptor had in mind, but at the bronze monument there is a unique bulge in the region of the fly. According to legend, the dead man in the morgue suddenly had an erection. One way or another, the monument turned into an object of pilgrimage: Parisians believe that if you rub a bronze journalist in the bulge area and then kiss him head-on, the woman will be rid of any problems in the intimate sphere forever.

2. Bronze dancers, Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas.

The most photographed monument in Las Vegas is a bronze sculpture of dancers turned to the world by priests. The dancers stand next to the Riviera Hotel and almost every hotel guest has a photo next to the show girls. It is believed that if you rub any parts of the iron girls over the protruding parts, then the player will definitely get lucky in the casino. For many years, gambling lovers rubbed the bronze priests of dancers to shine. How many of them managed to win at the casino after that are not reported.

3. Turin bull, Italy.

To see one of the most famous sights of Milan, you need to look at his feet. In the gallery of Victor Emmanuel II, one of the first shopping centers in the world, the floor of some passages is lined with mosaics. The floor of the central hall of the gallery is decorated with the royal coat of arms, the corridors adjacent to it are the coat of arms of Italian cities. Especially distinguished emblem of Turin with the image of a bull. According to the sign, if you step on the underbelly of the bull with your heel and rotate it clockwise three times, it will bring good luck. Because of this, beliefs on the causal site of the bull have long erased a mosaic and formed a rather large recess. However, the administration of the shopping center does not prevent tourists from earning luck.

4. Stone of Eloquence, Ireland.

Usually, in order to get something valuable, the hero of a fairy tale has to kiss sleeping beauties, at worst — frogs, and almost never an inanimate object. According to Irish belief, the hero who kisses a stone will gain eloquence.

The most unhygienic European landmark — the Stone of Eloquence — is located in the wall of Blarney Castle, in County Cork. According to legend, the Stone of Eloquence was broken off from the stone of Skoun, on which the kings of Scotland were crowned in the old days. To earn oratorical talent, it is not enough just to touch the stone with your lips: you need to kiss the stone while lying on your back, holding onto the handrail of the parapet. Given that the kissing is at a height of 20 meters, the Stone of Eloquence can be called one of the most dangerous tourist attractions in Ireland.

5. Senso-ji Buddhist Temple, Japan.

The oldest Buddhist temple on the territory of Tokyo treats not only the soul, but also the body. So, in any case, tell the tourists Japanese guides. According to an ancient legend, if you rub the sore spot with incense from the temple — the pain will pass. In order for the tool to work for sure, it is necessary to inform your gods about your intention — clapping your hands twice.

6. Chandelier at Co chem Castle, Germany.

Tourists who visit the castle in the German city of Co chem, first of all rise into the room above the gates. You can admire all the other beauties of the former imperial fortress later, and now you can urgently tickle the belly of a mermaid with deer horns! Mermaid hanging from the ceiling and working chandelier. In the Middle Ages, her figure protected the children of the castle owners from evil spirits. Kings do not live here anymore, today there is a museum in the castle, so the mermaid can only bring good luck to travelers who managed to reach her belly.

7. Sun Stone Intimating, Peru.

The abandoned city of Mach Picchu in Peru is sometimes called the “city in the sky.” The city is located at an altitude of almost two and a half kilometers above sea level, the temples of Machu Picchu climb above the clouds. Apparently, the Incas built Machu Picchu at such a height to be closer to the Sun. And to “tie” it to the stone pillar.

Intimating — a stone, to which the Indians symbolically “tied” the sun, so that it does not run away from them during the winter solstice, stands on a triangular platform and has the shape of a fist, with a raised finger. Most likely, at the time of the Inca Inuatana served as a sundial. Locals tell tourists that if you rub against a stone, you can see the inhabitants of other worlds.

8. Manhole covers in Sweden.

In any Swedish city, good fortune monuments are scattered around streets and pedestrian paths. Usually, manhole covers are labeled either with the letter “k” (in Swedish kallvatten — clean water) or “a” (avlopp — waste water). However, romantic-minded Swedes interpret these letters differently. “K” means kärlek — love, “a” means averted — broken love. Therefore, the superstitious Swedish passers-by during the walk carefully look at their feet and either try to step on the hatch with the letter “k” or bypass the hatch with the letter “a”. Well, looking at the Swedes, tourists started playing this game a long time ago.

9. Tomb of Lincoln, USA.

In America, in honor of the President-Liberator, many monuments, statues and memorials have been built, his portraits are hung in coffee shops, films and cartoons are made about him. The monument at the tomb of Lincoln, in the city of Springfield, is one of the brightest landmarks in all of Illinois. It is believed that if you rub your nose to the sixteenth US president, you will definitely get lucky.

10. Florentine hog, Italy.

In the center of Florence on the square of the old market lives Karachi — a bronze fountain, which is already 400 years old. Find it easy. As Hans Christian Andersen wrote in his fairy tale “The Bronze Boar”: “Every visitor will easily find this place, just ask about a bronze boar from any beggar, and he will point the way.” By tradition, you need to make a wish and put a coin in the mouth of a bronze pig. Having fallen out of the mouth, the coin should fall into the grate under its hooves. If you fail in the gap — the desire will come true.